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Writings of a Misguided Blonde

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

UPDATE - Craziness Before Christmas

Once again, I apoligize for not posting for a considerable amount of time.
My family has had somewhat of an emergency and things are just getting back to normal.
Once everything truly calms down and nerves are no longer raw, I will sit down and write everything.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Hornblower

Just amazing... The blog of an extremely accomplished 91 year-old man... It makes me dream of what I can acheive in the next 66/67 years. All I know is that I continuely need to learn new things, acquire new skills and interests.

As always, more later!


The Hornblower

Just Another Day in the Life

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Just another day spent dwelling on the past,
When all I need is to move on yet again.
Not so long ago, my life used to be a blast!
What turned me into an old woman with a pen?

Just another day living a semblence of a life,
While I feel as though my true life awaits...
Do I truly need to be a mother, lover, wife?
How do I know or learn how this all relates?

Through it all, I'll find my purpose here.
Whether it be academic, professional, or not,
I will always hold each experience near...
Only love matters in the end, but I forgot.


One of the most truthful blog I have ever come across... One great experiment in people's inner most thoughts...

Quite intriguing, but then again, aren't they all???

While I already posted the above in "Ramblings of a Misguided Blonde," I thought I should post it here as well. It may come in handy as inspiration later.



Saturday, December 03, 2005

As Time Goes On

DE, an online diary community. Free web-based online diaries. - View Diary

As Time Goes On,I Become What I Should Not
For Fear of Failure, Rejection, Differences
For Fear That All Grief Is For Naught
We're All Products of Our Experiences

As Time Goes On, Whether Right or Wrong
We All Become Our Parents, Seemingly Cliche
We All Struggle, Fight, and Want to Belong
As Our Parents Before Us, We Go On Another Day

A Second Apology...

Recently I posted an apology regarding my lack of ambition when it comes to writing...

Well, NO MORE! Starting this evening, I am recommiting myself to writing. Please bear wtih me, as I know it will only continue to impove.

As a quick side note before I get down to business, I really need to thank Brian. Right or wrong, Brian feels that I have talent. I might not have the opportunity to truly make it, but he feels that I definitely have the talent. It means a lot to me that he believes in me so wholeheartedly. His enthusiasm might be misplaced, but it is welcomed none the less.

Much more to come...


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